I have a many thoughts and opinions about judgement and judgemental people, does that mean I’m judging the judgemental people? Maybe… I can tell you how I feel about it and if you feel differently please feel free to comment, no judgement!

So, I truly believe we shouldn’t judge anyone. I know most people say they dont judge others but I also know from simply opening my ears that most people actually are judging each other and pretty harshly, ALL THE FUCKING TIME. It makes me sad. I’m going to tell you why this makes me sad and I’m getting on top of my ginormous soapbox right now to do it, so listen up.

Everyone on this planet is different. We may have similarities, come from similar upbringings, have money, have no money, be thin, fat, athletic, sweet, a bitch, whatever. Everyone is different and no two people perceive the world exactly the same way. You might think you do. You might think you have everything in common with someone, but there is something different. It could be anything. Religion, love, sex, morals, jobs, just whatever. With everyone being different and perceiving the world differently, how can we judge what someone else does who doesn’t think like we do, have the same mindframe at all or even the same knowledge we have? Here is an example…

Say I am an upper mid-class woman who has never really known much tragedy, never been in trouble, had some poor times but never flat broke. Ok, how can I judge someone who is flat broke, has no one because everyone in their family is either messed up or dead, raised around criminals and ends up a call girl? I can’t! I have no idea to what lengths I would go to survive if all of my resources were tapped out. No one does. Not until you’re there yourself. And that’s the truth honey. So the next time you turn your nose up at someone because of bad life choices or a not so conventional job, think about having nothing and no one on the planet that can help you. Sometimes it comes down to survival.

Now that’s just one kind of judgement. There are a million different ways we judge each other as humans and it all sickens me. No one is better than anyone else and I don’t care who you are. It doesn’t matter what you say, believe, do for a living. Hell, even people who do horrible things are just crazy fucking people that truly believe the devil that lives in their Rice Krispies box told them to hack up their family. I’m not even judging that mother fucker. Do I want him as my neighbor? NO!!! But I don’t judge. It’s not my place. I was not put here to look around and tell everyone what is fucked up about them. Do your thing. Go ahead.

I honestly believe this planet is like a school and we come here with an objective. Maybe many objectives. Lessons our soul needs to learn in order to evolve and grow into something more divine. Or possibly because our souls are just starved for knowledge. I’m not too sure on the details but I’m pretty damn sure we are here to learn and learn from each other. You close yourself off to many important lessons when you judge people constantly. The next time you find yourself passing a judgement stop and think what could have possibly brought this person to this? When you look at the world with a different perspective it can rock your world. Try it. You might be judging and not even realize it.

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