Nothing Sweeter Than A New Baby

I am on pins and needles right now because I am about to be a grandma, sorta. I had a very long relationship in the past that didn’t work out but I helped raise her little sister from her midteens. This girl calls me mama so I am saying this makes me a grandma. I am perfectly fine with that. It is 3 am right now and I leave in an hour to take her and her boyfriend to the hospital to be induced. I am so freaking excited.

I can not think of what I want to be called. Grandma is just a bit boring. I like Grandmama and Mimi but what I think I am leaning toward the most is Mrs. Outlaw. Outlaw is my last name. Oh, no I have it! I will be called Sarah The Great. It’s perfect. A bit pretentious but that’s okay. It rings with truth. I hope to be great for this baby and for my adopted daughter. They need me.

Her family isn’t around as they all live out of state and I can honestly say they are also more nuts than I am. I want this baby to know he hit the grandma lottery. I had the best grandma ever and any of you who know my family knows I speak the truth. She raised me right along with my mama and lived with us my whole life. If I can manage to be half the grandma she was I will be rockin’ the grandma gig. I will keep all of you posted on the event I am affectionately calling, “Baby Moving Day”. Please take a moment and send Mommy and baby good thoughts and vibes today and Sarah The Great could use some of that mojo as well 😊. Peace.

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