A Peek At My Brain: My 37th Year Of This Life. I Have Figured Out A Lot But Have A Long Way To Go…

Sunday is my 37th birthday. Yikes! I don’t say yikes because of the number. I’m fine with getting older and aging. My negative feelings concerning my birthday have everything to do with what I believe to be “the meaning of life”.

I think humans overcomplicate the meaning of life; truly believing it’s the universe’s biggest mystery. I don’t claim to know in certainty the meaning of life, but I have a theory (surprise, surprise).

I believe our human lives are mere stepping stones to what we are actually becoming, our planet being a learning opportunity for our souls to evolve into our true purpose. I believe we all come here with indefinate goals and it’s our freewill and humanity making these goals indefinate or vague. There are so many twists and turns in life and we hold the reigns the entire time. We hold all the power, although most of the time we truly believe things just happen to us from chance. This is usually when I lose people so I will try to explain as simply as I can.

As a soul I think we have the ultimate goal of learning as much as we possibly can and learning constantly. Sylvia Browne said it so well when she described Earth as a school. I believe it is. We come here with objectives and work to fulfill these tasks throughout our lifetime. Even after our earthly bodies die and decay we are still here, only in our soul form. If that thought is really far out for you then you might not like this blog. Think about your goals no matter how big or small and then think about how you could obtain these goals. Do your goals ultimately benefit your evolvement into who you will become? Who knows. I just know everyone is different and so everyone’s soul goals are probably different as well. Everyone’s soul goals are completely unique to them. I think everything about us and our personalities are kind of like a personal operating system, giving us the propensity to be a certain way. All of these things directly influence what lessons we learn while we are here and also help us stay on track or get back on track when we start to take an alternate route though life’s biggest learning opportunities. To put all of this simply, we are here to learn and evolve and not just as a species but as individuals with individual goals. I might not like or agree with your goals or their importance but you are learning for a reason. Please dont ignore this. As long as you are fulfilling your soul’s purpose you should feel something. Call it intuition, psych energy, whatever. I feel something strange when i feel like this.

Head Meds

Some people are more sensitive to the influences around us whether we are the ultimate cause or not. Head meds can and do cause issues and what would happen if we all just acted on our intuition. Am I advocating not taking meds? NO! Do I think we overmedicate personalities we don’t understand or that don’t fit what is considered normal? Absolutely.

So If Learning Is The Meaning of Life, What To Do Now

Never stop learning. Never be so arrogant to think you have it all figured out. You don’t. There are many mysteries about this life we might never figure out. Perhaps we aren’t supposed to. Perhaps we know everything when we die because in ridding our souls of humanity and emotions we gain an understanding beyond human comprehension. Keep learning.

Lastly, enjoy your life. Please. What if I am wrong and there is no meaning of life? What if everything in the universe is arbitrary? On the chance this could be true, then we only live once so make yourself happy. Remember, you are holding the reigns. Make your life what you want it to be. Who knows, in this approach you might end up learning exactly what you were supposed to anyway.

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