Create Your Own Awesome Blog!

I absolutely LOVE WordPress. I always enjoyed writing but I journaled and certainly never let anyone read anything I wrote. I stumbled upon WordPress at the perfect time. It was about a year after my husband’s suicide and I was spiraling downward into a dark, dark place. Right down that proverbial rabbit hole and I needed something to get all of these thoughts and words out of me. I’m crazy enough without words multiplying at a rapid pace inside my manic mind, adding to the chaos of already racing thoughts. WordPress was a beacon of light in my otherwise dark world and I welcomed blogging like a strange but loveable old friend. It’s possibly the best therapeutic tool I have ever encountered. That’s saying something, because baby, I have tried everything.

One of my favorite parts about starting a blog was getting to design my website. WordPress makes it simple for even a beginner to create something beautiful that you can be proud of. I’m still learning about SEO and affiliate marketing and backlinks but WordPress is there for me with answers to my questions.

So seriously, give it a shot. You might stumble upon something life changing and great. Here is my referral link. I dare you to click it.

Unleash the artist in you and create something amazingly you..

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