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Is It Ok To Be Friends With Your Partner’s Ex?

Is it OK to be friends with your partner’s ex?

This is definitely a classic conundrum in the dating and relationship world.

I say, sure! Especially if there are any children involved. I believe being friends with the ex for both you and your partner, creates a more harmonious environment for everyone.

Children, of course, benefit the most from the friendship(s). I can tell you from experience that it made all the difference my parents being not only friends; but best friends.

You can imagine my surprise when my boyfriend expressed strong feelings about me not being friends with his ex. To me, it’s normal to do that and is encouraged in my family.

I get along great with his ex. I really like her. In fact, I love her. She’s a lot like my boyfriend but in female form, so it’s not a far stretch to see why I would love her.

I fully support a friendship between my boyfriend and his ex as well. Many psychologists say that although you may fall out of love with someone, you can’t love someone day in and day out, and the love just die. It’s not possible.

Even if it’s a minuscule part of you, love is still there. Sometimes when love is repressed, those feelings manifest themselves as anger or other strong emotions. Underneath the exterior however, love is still there.

Those words may upset some people when they think about it, but they give me hope. Undying love makes me feel as if something makes sense in this crazy hate-motivated world.

If you’re having issues with your partner and their relationship with their ex, give yourself a break. It’s normal to have insecure feelings or to be jealous sometimes. Reign in those emotions and look at the bigger picture.

Your partner is with you. Although this is true, they are still going to love their ex to some extent. I don’t mean for anyone to force their partner to see love when they don’t. If your partner does have a good relationship with their ex, try your best to support it.

Get to know the ex. You never know, he/she might be pretty cool. If the opportunity arises for friendship, I say jump on that.

The world could use more love. Spread love around. Love has the ability to change and heal.

Always remember, love will always trump hate.

Maya Angelou Quote

Bob Marley quote about love over hate

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