Where’s Waldo?

My boyfriend is missing…

The thing is, no one is taking me seriously because technically he disappears all the time. He is usually gone for 24-48 hours and then returns and tells me some lame excuse for why he didn’t even call. 

This time is different. 

We live in the age of technology. We are always connected, my boyfriend is no exception. If he’s not texting or messaging through Facebook, he’s playing a game, listening to music, streaming porn. 

He walked out the door 36 hours ago and has not been connected one time. His phone can only be used with WiFi, it has no service. So for him to not be connected means he hasn’t sent a single message, checked messenger or sent any instant messages. He hasn’t played a game or played his silly casino slots he’s addicted to. Not a single time. 

It doesn’t look good. There is someone who I think knows something, but he isn’t talking! I am so distraught and I have no idea what to do about any of it. There isn’t really anything I can do about it except sit here and wait. 

I’m going insane with worry. 

I filled out a missing persons report this morning and now I’m writing this because I need help. I need someone with some knowledge of ways to search for people using technology; perhaps using an IMEI number or pinging his phone. Anything!! 

If you can help me please email me:


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