This Bitch Of A Road

I talked to a psychic the other day. If you don’t believe in that kind of thing, open your mind a little bit because I’m here to tell you, that shit is real.

I am very intuitive myself, but unfortunately I cannot turn it on and off when I want to. I can tell you however, that when I’m “on” I’m “on”.

After hearing this woman speak for 20 seconds, I knew she was “on”. I soaked in every word.

She said a lot that gave me great comfort and I was so grateful. I would like to share with you the most profound thing she said, and it was actually just plain old good advice.

She said, “I know you have been asking why. Why has this happened to you twice? Right?” I said, “well, yeah.” She replied, “well, imagine you are on your way to Oklahoma City, and you are going down the creek turnpike, but you would like to be on highway 44. All of the rest stops, restaurants, and people you see are all along the creek turnpike. People around you exit and take a different route all the time, but you can’t. You’re stuck on the turnpike. Your husband couldn’t hang, he exited but exited the planet. Your fiance exited as well. You need to exit. Just not in the same way they did.”

“Ok, so how? How do I freaking exit?!”

She patiently replied, “well first, you have to turn on your signal. You’re a good girl. Tell yourself that fact every day. Also, tell yourself that your feelings matter. What you want matters. It’s not going to feel right to you because you are a caretaker. You feed everyone, give people a place to stay, you put others before yourself even when those others don’t care enough to help themselves. Stop that. Say, I’m a good girl, and my feelings matter. Once you turn on that signal, you will exit and get on highway 44 and there will be different rest stops, restaurants, and people. These horrible things will stop happening, and you will fullfil your destiny.”

“Ok. I understand”, I said.

Then she told me that I am supposed to help people, but not in the way I have been. She said that people who help thousands of others never have easy lives. Isn’t that the fucking truth.

I don’t know about the thousands of people, but hey, it’s a nice dream.

And stranger things have happened…


  1. Robin Walker says:

    Do you think she really helped you, my husband died by suicide in April 2019, should I go see one?


    1. Sarah Jones says:

      That’s such a personal choice. The one I spoke with really helped me. There is a lot of scammers out there so be careful.


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