Life Is Ticking By

I have been really bad about taking time to just relax, write, and just be me lately. I’m always worried now-a- days.

The entire world is worried right now with this crazy pandemic. My sister and I respectfully insisted our mother quit her job. She has stage 4 COPD, and was a cashier at Walmart. So really, there was no way in hell we were letting her go back.

I’m glad it wasn’t too difficult to convince her to quit because man, it would have gotten ugly. She couldn’t get by me anyway, I’m twice her size. Plus she can’t breathe.

Easiest fight ever

Other than surviving this pandemic, my focus has continued to be on my grief and how to manage the incredibly invasive thoughts and memories flooding my brain on a constant basis.

I made a video about me, Jason, and his suicide. It was difficult to make, but oddly therapeutic. I posted it on Facebook, and at first I was really nervous about that. I was surprised that I was met with such compassion and understanding. I would like to share it with you all now.

My goal is to bring more awareness of the effects of mental illness and suicide to save lives. Please share this.

**Tip: Turn up the volume. The songs should have played at his funeral, it’s what he wanted.

Please share

Published by

Sarah Jones

My name is Sarah Jones and I am a writer, storyteller, and advocate for mental health, addiction, and social justice. I began this website at the urging of my boyfriend Jason Campbell, in January 2019. I was having a tough time processing my grief after my husband, Keith Jones, died by suicide October 23, 2017. Jason thought I should share my life experiences to help other sufferers but mostly, to help myself. He was on to something... Sadly, tragedy struck again and Jason died by suicide January 22, 2020. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the two loves of my life that I was so fortunate to have. I hope that by fighting the stigma of mental illness and addiction, I can honor their memory and make them proud, wherever they are, out there among the stars...

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