I decided to get the hell out of Oklahoma for a while. I just needed a break, badly. I have a lot of family and a few friends in Georgia, so I hitched a ride with my Aunt and headed south. Now, I’m in a truck with my uncle and a few other fine people, on our way to Panama City Beach, Florida, or as some affectionately call it, the “redneck riviera”. 

I love the beach and the sounds of the ocean are so therapeutic to me, I often fall asleep after only a few moments. I feel like I made a good choice in going away.  I had the complete support of my mental health team, as well as my friends. My Oklahoma family, not so much.  I know they just worry about me, but I hate to say a lot of it is just plain old selfishness. I’m sorry, but if anyone deserves a little rest and relaxation, it’s this girl right here.  

So, I refuse to feel guilty about this trip. I’m gonna kick my feet up on my uncle Mark’s $45,000 truck dash, and ride in style all the way to the fucking beach. 

Peace y’all!

Alligator at a gas station in Alabama

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