Love, Your Bestie…

My best friend, Shawna, is amazing. She is an amazing person, friend, parent, and at the same time, she is the craziest person I have ever known. 

Which is why she is my best friend…

A little background for you…

If you have been following my life story, then you know my boyfriend Jason shot and killed himself on top of me January 22, 2020. Shawna is my boyfriend’s ex-wife. They have a daughter, Paizley, together. Because of this, we were civil with each other, but shortly after we met, Shawna and I became friends. 

The first time we spent any real time together, we shot intravenous drugs. Since then, we have gone through life and its many battles together as good friends growing stronger and stronger through each passing experience; including the loss of Jason and more importantly, the loss of Paizley’s dad.

We have become so close in fact, that I consider this woman family. Sadly, her dad passed away recently and we had his funeral today; only a couple days after her birthday; so, I want to tell you a little more about my friend Shawna…

Shawna used to think of herself first. She was never a bad person, she was just a little selfish.

Then I watched as this new person emerged. She started putting others’ feelings ahead of her own, especially her family. She faced her feelings and actions head on and took responsibility, which is an incredibly brave act. 

Most people don’t do this. 

Then she went even deeper.

She kept living her life this way. 

She kept living her life not only for herself, but also for her children.

Then Shawna hit the jackpot.

She met a wonderful man who is a good dad and financially stable, owns his own house and with a stable job. After dating for some time, they fell in love and moved in together in his house, making this a true Cinderella meets “Pretty Woman” story.

She is now so happy, and is one by one, regaining custody of her children, and living her life with love, and gratitude. 

I couldn’t be more proud of my beautiful, and vivacious friend. I love her so much, and I am proud to call her my best friend. 

Jason never defined us, or our friendship. We thought he did at one time, but he didn’t. 

We define ourselves. 

We will raise Paizley as a strong, independent woman and luckily, because of us, her dad will always be a hero to her.

Happy Birthday, my baby love, with many more to come. 


Your Bestie

Published by

Sarah Jones

My name is Sarah Jones and I am a writer, storyteller, and advocate for mental health, addiction, and social justice. I began this website at the urging of my boyfriend Jason Campbell, in January 2019. I was having a tough time processing my grief after my husband, Keith Jones, died by suicide October 23, 2017. Jason thought I should share my life experiences to help other sufferers but mostly, to help myself. He was on to something... Sadly, tragedy struck again and Jason died by suicide January 22, 2020. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the two loves of my life that I was so fortunate to have. I hope that by fighting the stigma of mental illness and addiction, I can honor their memory and make them proud, wherever they are, out there among the stars...

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