My Depression

I HATE DEPRESSION… My mental illness is anything but quiet. In spending a short time with me you would start noticing strange things. The first thing you might notice is my inability to leave my room. My boyfriend has had friends over several times before I met them. And I was home. I often wonderContinue reading “My Depression”

I HATE Money! Wait…

Like most Americans I have money problems. I have bad money problems. If you have been following my blog or know me, then you are aware I am now receiving social security disability benefits. I am so grateful for my mental illness to finally be recognized as a disability, but I am not making it.Continue reading “I HATE Money! Wait…”

What The Hell Am I Doing?

I know it’s been awhile since I have posted any craziness, and the simplest explanation is… Bitches be crazy. I completely understand I am the one ultimately responsible for the outcome of various circumstances in my life. Every choice we make directly affects every single outcome. We have more power over our lives thanContinue reading “What The Hell Am I Doing?”

A Peek At My Brain: My 37th Year Of This Life. I Have Figured Out A Lot But Have A Long Way To Go…

Sunday is my 37th birthday. Yikes! I don’t say yikes because of the number. I’m fine with getting older and aging. My negative feelings concerning my birthday have everything to do with what I believe to be “the meaning of life”. I think humans overcomplicate the meaning of life; truly believing it’s the universe’s biggestContinue reading “A Peek At My Brain: My 37th Year Of This Life. I Have Figured Out A Lot But Have A Long Way To Go…”

My Love

So my man is not perfect by any means. In fact, we have had our share of issues since the beginning of us. One thing I am absolutely certain of however, is that he and I are meant to be together. There have been many crazy coincidences since we met that cannot be ignored. IContinue reading “My Love”


I have a many thoughts and opinions about judgement and judgemental people, does that mean I’m judging the judgemental people? Maybe… I can tell you how I feel about it and if you feel differently please feel free to comment, no judgement! So, I truly believe we shouldn’t judge anyone. I know most people sayContinue reading “Judgement”

Yay for Social Security!

So I have excellent news… I finally received my first social security disability payment! It couldn’t have come at a better time. Yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday and we were flat broke. He went to Ihop for free breakfast and gave it to me because I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours. He went to FirehouseContinue reading “Yay for Social Security!”