My Momma, The Fighter

I haven’t written anything recently because my momma got sick. I mean, really sick. We have known she has COPD from years of smoking cigarettes. She was smoking two packs a day since she was fourteen, with a couple of breaks thrown in there. One such break lasted six years. She quit when pregnant withContinue reading “My Momma, The Fighter”

Oh, An Epiphany

The thing about epiphanies, is they happen to you when you least expect it. In a matter of moments, you gain clarity and think, “Wow, so I’m an even bigger idiot than I thought!”. Well, that’s usually how mine go. I would go as far to say that 80% of my epiphanies are actually veryContinue reading “Oh, An Epiphany”

Fighting Sucks

The only thing I really despise about being in a serious committed relationship, is the arguing and fighting. I hate it, I really do. I have a problem. I get so mad that I fly off the mouth and say mean and horrible things I don’t mean. The enormous problem is that I don’t realizeContinue reading “Fighting Sucks”

My Guest Blog

I was a guest blogger on this woman’s website recently. She has a mental health blog I follow on WordPress, and she’s published a few books as well. I liked her writing immediately so when I saw that she was interested in hosting guests for a series called “The Emerging Blogger”, I jumped right onContinue reading “My Guest Blog”

The ACE’s Quiz

My case manager and I were wrapping up a long session of the dreaded “treatment plan” update, when he exclaimed, “Oh, I almost forgot! There is a new quiz we have to do now!” He was referring to the ACE’s quiz. A.C.E is an acronym for “adverse childhood experiences”. The quiz was simple, but theContinue reading “The ACE’s Quiz”

Ugh, life…

, so I have ranted in the past about money problems. We all have them to some extent. Mine however, are seemingly never fucking ending. I am in what is referred to as, the “payday loan trap”. It’s hell. Sure, the loan helped out at the time when I first acquired it. Now it’s aContinue reading “Ugh, life…”