The Kids Are NOT Alright

Mental illness showed up in me at a young age, beginning with O.C.D. and morphing into full blown depression by my teen years. Although those things were difficult to deal with as a kid, dealing with having a mentally ill parent was just as difficult, if not more. The thought that I could put myContinue reading “The Kids Are NOT Alright”

Am I Ever Happy?

Featured photo: Gifs: Someone asked me today if I’m ever happy. This question followed a bitch out session by yours truly. I had a good reason to bitch, trust me. I guess everyone usually feels justified when bitching someone out. If you know you’re wrong and keep complaining, then you’re… just a bitch.Continue reading “Am I Ever Happy?”

Perception Is Reality

I used to at least always attempt to be optimistic about everything, even when the universe seemed against me. This is a feat I struggle with immensely now, especially after everything I have been through in my life. Years of mental health issues, tragedy, or just being a grumpy asshole can turn the optimist intoContinue reading “Perception Is Reality”

I HATE Money! Wait…

Like most Americans I have money problems. I have bad money problems. If you have been following my blog or know me, then you are aware I am now receiving social security disability benefits. I am so grateful for my mental illness to finally be recognized as a disability, but I am not making it.Continue reading “I HATE Money! Wait…”

A Peek At My Brain: My 37th Year Of This Life. I Have Figured Out A Lot But Have A Long Way To Go…

Sunday is my 37th birthday. Yikes! I don’t say yikes because of the number. I’m fine with getting older and aging. My negative feelings concerning my birthday have everything to do with what I believe to be “the meaning of life”. I think humans overcomplicate the meaning of life; truly believing it’s the universe’s biggestContinue reading “A Peek At My Brain: My 37th Year Of This Life. I Have Figured Out A Lot But Have A Long Way To Go…”


I have a many thoughts and opinions about judgement and judgemental people, does that mean I’m judging the judgemental people? Maybe… I can tell you how I feel about it and if you feel differently please feel free to comment, no judgement! So, I truly believe we shouldn’t judge anyone. I know most people sayContinue reading “Judgement”

Yay for Social Security!

So I have excellent news… I finally received my first social security disability payment! It couldn’t have come at a better time. Yesterday was my boyfriend’s birthday and we were flat broke. He went to Ihop for free breakfast and gave it to me because I hadn’t eaten in 24 hours. He went to FirehouseContinue reading “Yay for Social Security!”