My Body, My Image

You know those days when you just feel like shit? I know them all too well.  Normally, I’m okay with my body. I’ve always been a big girl, but I went to the doctor recently and was informed that I gained 10 pounds while recovering from a hysterectomy.  I am not okay with this.  I’veContinue reading “My Body, My Image”

Meet The Fear Family

I didn’t think I could do anything to advocate for mental health. I have issues.  There are days, and sometimes weeks that I can’t bring myself to walk outside. It takes a very strong motivator, like seeing my kids, or when it becomes vital for me to eat. You know, to stay alive. The age of onlineContinue reading “Meet The Fear Family”

My Emotional Freedom

A short time before Keith and I got married, I had a severe depressive episode and attempted to kill myself. Keith saved my life and I was transported to the hospital where I stayed a week, then to the nuthouse for a week. Not many people know about that incident. It’s a time of myContinue reading “My Emotional Freedom”

My Depression

I HATE DEPRESSION… My mental illness is anything but quiet. In spending a short time with me you would start noticing strange things. The first thing you might notice is my inability to leave my room. My boyfriend has had friends over several times before I met them. And I was home. I often wonderContinue reading “My Depression”