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Tag: love

  • The Blame Game

    The Blame Game

    I have been having a problem since my boyfriend Jason died. My problem is that I have been unfairly blamed for his death.  Being blamed has taken a toll on me because a part of me blames myself. During these moments, I luckily have some people I can confide in to set me straight.  The […]

  • Cheaters and Liars

    Cheaters and Liars

    If I am to be honest, I have been a cheater and a liar before. In fact, I had an affair during my first marriage which ultimately ended the relationship. Once trust is broken, it’s incredibly difficult to get it back. Of course, no one cares about how the cheater feels, they cheated. They deserve […]

  • Love In A Time Of Pure Craziness

    Love In A Time Of Pure Craziness

    There is a lot I can’t say on this platform for various reasons. The most important reason is that my children have access to my blog and I want their innocence to remain intact as long as possible. I can say though, that I have had a very full and interesting life with so many […]

  • My Momma, The Fighter

    My Momma, The Fighter

    I haven’t written anything recently because my momma got sick. I mean, really sick. We have known she has COPD from years of smoking cigarettes. She was smoking two packs a day since she was fourteen, with a couple of breaks thrown in there. One such break lasted six years. She quit when pregnant with […]

  • Perception Is Reality

    Perception Is Reality

    I used to at least always attempt to be optimistic about everything, even when the universe seemed against me. This is a feat I struggle with immensely now, especially after everything I have been through in my life. Years of mental health issues, tragedy, or just being a grumpy asshole can turn the optimist into […]

  • My Love

    My Love

    So my man is not perfect by any means. In fact, we have had our share of issues since the beginning of us. One thing I am absolutely certain of however, is that he and I are meant to be together. There have been many crazy coincidences since we met that cannot be ignored. I […]