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Tag: self-love

  • This Is 40, No Regrets

    This Is 40, No Regrets

    It’s no secret that I have had an extraordinarily tough life, but I am at peace with it because I honestly believe that I made contracts with other souls before I came to this planet; in order to learn, or experience specific things. All of these lessons and experiences have contributed to my souls’ evolution […]

  • The Blame Game

    The Blame Game

    I have been having a problem since my boyfriend Jason died. My problem is that I have been unfairly blamed for his death.  Being blamed has taken a toll on me because a part of me blames myself. During these moments, I luckily have some people I can confide in to set me straight.  The […]

  • The End

    The End

    Well it’s official. My boyfriend and I have broken up. He thinks I should be happy because I won’t have his controlling ass looming over me constantly but he just doesn’t get it. In fact, men in general, just don’t get it. Why can’t men realize that all we wanted was you? All we wanted […]