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Tag: Suicide

  • The Blame Game

    The Blame Game

    I have been having a problem since my boyfriend Jason died. My problem is that I have been unfairly blamed for his death.  Being blamed has taken a toll on me because a part of me blames myself. During these moments, I luckily have some people I can confide in to set me straight.  The […]

  • A Bond By Tragedy

    A Bond By Tragedy

     I have been dealing with so much trauma, and I am having a hard time processing it.  It’s so strange how one can be surrounded by loving, supportive people, and still feel completely alone in the world.   About 2 weeks after Jason died, I had a meltdown that was pretty severe. I was hyperventilating, panicking.  […]

  • Home


    Home is such a nice word and I never realized how lovely it is to feel “at home” until recently. Following my boyfriend’s death, our apartment no longer felt like home. I told a good friend that I felt like, I want to go home, but didn’t know where that was. Several days after I […]

  • Yes, It’s Me, Sarah & This Is Not Spam

    Yes, It’s Me, Sarah & This Is Not Spam

    The night he stabbed himself we were at home watching Perry Mason, a part of our nightly ritual. At commercial, he got up from the couch and walked into the kitchen. I assumed he was after his favorite night time snacks, bread and peanut butter, but he returned empty handed and sat back on the […]

  • It’s Not Really About Me

    It’s Not Really About Me

    I find myself in an all too familiar battle. With me. I’m at a point in my life where I’m unsure of my purpose. Like I said, it’s familiar, but (whiny voice) I hate it! Most people can be satisfied by simply conforming to society and cultural norms. The outline is get married, raise a […]

  • My Sweet, Sweet Husband

    My Sweet, Sweet Husband

    Yesterday marked two years since my husband left this realm of reality that is our planet, Earth. He is out there now on the ultimate adventure and a part of me is a little jealous. I’m not suicidal or anything, I just am so curious about what is beyond our limited knowledge and understanding of […]