A Big Nasty Rut

So I am officially in a rut. A life-rut. My world has become so small and it seems so insignificant. What am I doing? Nothing. Every day I do the same thing. Nothing. It’s exhausting doing nothing. I never have energy. Recently I was asked by my therapist, “what are your goals?” Hmmm… I can’t decide what to eat 99% of the time. I have no fucking clue what my goals are. My number one goal as of right this second, is to get out of the house. It will happen come hell or high water or else I will be hanging my boyfriend up by his toes. If that happens I will be sure to take pictures.

My life-rut has a soundtrack. Ani DiFranco being number one. She speaks to me. It’s like there is a little window into my soul that she peeks into and then writes her songs based on what she sees in there. It’s cool when you connect to a form of art in a way that rocks you to your core. This is my latest Ani song that gets me…


My affirmation for the day is… I WILL GET OUT OF THIS HOUSE. Even if it’s to the devils house (Wal-Mart). I am outta here! Stay classy Tulsa.

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